Our Vision

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2018 is the most important year in the history of the Maryland GOP.  Our goal is to get Governor Hogan reelected and to elect enough Republicans in the General Assembly to uphold Governor Hogan’s vetoes so we control redistricting.  We believe the Maryland GOP can achieve this goal by through a four pronged approach.

1. Technology

We will use technology to empower our grassroots activists in the State to play a meaningful role in voter ID and GOTV.  Every volunteer has a smart phone, and we want to leverage these devices to integrate our efforts at every level – block, precinct, county, and state.  We’re going to weaponize smart phones to win the war!

2. Voter Targeting

New voters are registering as unaffiliated (independent)  at a faster rate than either Republicans or Democrats.  In a state like Maryland, where there is such a large Democrat registration advantage, the fact that so many voters are refusing to become a Democrat is a real opportunity for us to convince them to vote Republican.  Under our leadership, we will work with every County Central Committee to deliver targeted and effective communications to these independents so that we can be competitive in races all over the state.

3. Ground Game

We will strengthen our grassroots by building on the foundation of our National Committee Woman Nicolee Ambrose’s fantastic initiative – Super Saturdays. Our goal is have more Super Saturdays and make it easier for our volunteers to come together and work collaboratively and effectively.  We want to open several regional operations centers, which can be funded with unlimited administrative account contributions, to give our party a more permanent presence in the communities we serve.  These centers, which should be run by County Central Committees, will serve as a place for our volunteers to phone bank, do mailers, and rally together.

4. Fundraising

Our Chairman will work with our finance team to raise the most money in the Party’s history.  It takes money to win enough seats in the General Assembly to give Governor Hogan and our legislative team the power they need to implement policies that will Make Maryland Great Again!  We are going to raise that money and work with our County Central Committees to make sure money and grassroots are in perfect harmony.