Second Vice Chairman

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Letter from Tim

Greetings my fellow Republican Central Committee members!

My name is Timothy Kingston and I currently serve as Chairman of the Republican Central Committee of Queen Anne’s County. I am asking for your vote and continuing support for the position of State 2nd Vice Chair on December 3rd in Frederick. This position needs a strong leader who is willing to speak out and stand up for all of our members. I know I have what it takes and a proven track record!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many of you across the state. I have tried to earn your trust and prove myself as a dependable heavy-lifter. I was honored when my fellow QAC committee members elected me Chair. I was proud when I was selected by my peers in this body, to represent you on the Trump Slate as an Alternate Delegate at the National Convention. I enthusiastically volunteered and was selected to be the Trump Chairman for Queen Anne’s County as well as the Trump Regional Coordinator for the Upper Shore.  I held the unofficial title as the “sign guy” for Congressman Andy Harris and Kathy Szeliga in Queen Anne’s County, and worked with committees across the shore to distribute signs and materials. I am a current member of the Conservative Club of Maryland and a previous member of the Queen Anne’s County Republican Club, for which I held the offices of President and Treasurer. I have also helped on a couple of local campaigns.

I am a principled Republican who fully supports the national party platform.  I believe that as officers in the party we have a duty to act in the best interest of our party even when it is not popular or easy.  I believe that the state party must hear and respond to voices of the members of the local central committees as our stakeholders.

As a retired law enforcement officer and son of a military family, I am a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and the rule of law. For the last several years I have been employed by Anne Arundel County Government as a Zoning Enforcement Inspector.   I have been appointed by Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh (R) to serve on both the Work Force Development and Healthcare Retirement Boards.

I am honored to be running as a member of the Conservative Club Slate. Our slate starts with Dirk Haire (Chairman), Michael Higgs (1st Vice Chairman), myself (2nd Vice Chairman), Maria Pycha (3rd Vice Chairman), Chris Rosenthal (Treasurer) and Mark Uncapher (Secretary). I believe this slate offers a fresh leadership style with new ideas and commitment to greater transparency and accessibility. I commit to being accessible to everyone to the best of my ability.

Please give me your vote for 2nd Vice Chairman on December 3rd.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with all of you in the coming new year!

Your Friend,

Tim Kingston


Meet Tim

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Tim's Endorsements

Tatiana Croissette

Chair - Kent County Republican Central Committee

Roger Twigg

Member - Queen Anne's County Central Committee

Stephen Wilson

Queen Anne's County Commissioner - District 2

Steven J. Arentz

Delegate - Maryland Legislative District 36

Kevin Hornberger

Delegate - Maryland Legislative District 35A

Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo

Former Chairman - Maryland Republican Party Hispanic Leadership Council